Scot’s path to architecture may have started much earlier than most of his peers, much the result of a childhood game of “make-believe” invented by his sister and aunt. Pretending to be an “Architect” in this game, Scot began to transform imagery from his childhood home into drawings of buildings. Beyond that playful afternoon, he found architecture to be a wonderful new landscape where he was free to invent, imagine and create places to work, live and play. His parents commissioned the local mill carpenter to build him his first drafting board at an age when he was still playing with G.I. Joes. Since that time, Scot has become fully enmeshed in what it is to be an architect. He understands that it goes beyond technical skill and drawings and is about listening, problem solving and the collaborative process.  His optimism and tenacity drive him to meet the challenges of each project while his creativity and empathy guide him. Those that work with him value his ability to manage deadlines and shifting priorities with professionalism, patience and a sense of humor. Although the project’s Scot work’s on look less like furniture than those first gestures, Architecture is his life’s work and he brings that same enthusiasm and creativity from his childhood games to each new project with DRA.


Boston Architectural College, B. Arch
North Adams State College
Pratt Institute


Professional Registrations

Registered Architect: MA, CT


Professional Affiliations

American Institute of Architects
Boston Architectural College - Faculty
Construction Specifications Institute
CEFPI – Council of Educational Facility Planners International

Massachusetts Studio
235 Bear Hill Road, Fourth Floor
Waltham, MA 02451
T. 617.964.1700
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Connecticut Studio
225 Oakland Road, Studio 205
South Windsor, CT 06074
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