Silver Lake Regional High School
Kingston, MA

"The architects are always on site when needed either by our need or by their observation.  They listen carefully at every meeting and pose essential questions for the input they require to ascertain that the product of their design will satisfy the owner. Their in-house consultants provide options to help guide the building committee in making informed choices…Working with DRA becomes and education in itself."

Gordon L. Noseworthy,
Former Superintendent of Schools,
Silver Lake Regional School District 



During initial planning several sites within three communities were considered. The District followed the recommendation to locate the new middle school adjacent to the existing High School, allowing for the creation of a campus concept between the schools.

This campus concept between the schools allowed for sharing of some facilities as appropriate.  Traffic flow to the two schools, as well as to the new wastewater treatment plant serving the entire campus, could be planned efficiently and economically, leaving large open areas for athletic use.

The key goal for the middle school was to produce a learning environment that would facilitate team teaching and help students create their own identity.   A cluster concept with defined entrance “gate” elements for each team area helped to achieve this. Each cluster is arranged around a small group room designed as a kiosk, which acts as the nucleus for each team. All four walls can be used as display surfaces for the students to create the group’s distinctive identity.

The courtyard is a unique feature positioned on the natural slope of the site and is visible from various vantage points throughout the school. The seating stones create an informal atmosphere and have become a favorite place for the students to gather. A terrace at the upper level of the courtyard was designed as a natural extension of the Media Center.


Addition / Renovation
175,000 SF Addition
45,000 SF Renovation
$47.3 million Project Cost


Principal in Charge:

James A. Barrett, AIA, LEED


Project Manager:

Vladimir Lyubetsky, MCPPO

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